An introduction to the economy of the canadian postal service

Canada Post launched the Rural Mail Safety Review as rural and suburban mail carriers across the country, supported by their union, raised complaints about workplace safety. April 1, to April 8, The 4 cent George VI stamp was issued on April 9,eight days after the rate increase.

Finally, We Can Learn Something From Canada

January 1, - August 31, Becancour to Deschaillons, February 24, 8 cents domestic letter rate Toronto local letter, May 6, 8 cents domestic letter rate 10 cents: It was with this series that the post office began experimenting with fluorescence on stamps, resulting in a number of challenging varieties over the life of this and the next two series.

In a postal convention was concluded with the United States, whereby the United States post-office engaged to act as the intermediary for the An introduction to the economy of the canadian postal service of mails between Canada and Great Britain.

The postage stamp compelled people to pre-pay their letters, and thus proved more economical and business-like.

The number of post-offices underwent a rapid increase, so rapid that in Canada proper it was doubled in five years, trebled in ten, and quadrupled in fifteen; and at the same time the postal rates were reduced to one-third of what they had been, with the result that within ten years the revenue from this source was double what it had been in The Edward 2 cent carmine stamp was issued July 1, While the post-office in Canada has never been a profit-producing department, it has, unlike many other public services, nearly always paid its way, and has remained an outstanding example of the success of public ownership of public utilities.

January 17, - January 15, Canadian Recording Artists commemorative Permanent stamps Issued at 59 cents, June 30, Toronto local letter, November 17, 59 cents domestic letter rate 61 cents: The deputy postmaster-general at Quebec was independent even of the governor-general of Canada ; and could alone decide where post offices were to be established.

The postal rates were, moreover, exorbitantly high. It meant that the people of British North America had no voice in the control of their own postal service. I believe he and Mike hatched the idea of capturing slides and audio of the presentation at North Bay, as a first attempt to make a subject easily available to all members of BNAPS, and possibly lay the track for a growing library of such resources.

Definitive series have tended to be combinations of design types, each applying to a range of values. Special rates have been established for books; and newspapers are now delivered by post at a fraction of their cost of delivery, since they are deemed to have an educational influence.

Canada Post and the U. And Canada Post will be expected to look at how other countries have used weekend delivery or parcel lockers to bolster their postal service revenues.

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia

The Karsh series was replaced in the following year by a new design based on the portrait by Dorothy Wilding that was also used in the United Kingdom. The 1 cent to 8 cents low value stamps still featured the Lafayette studio portrait of George V but framed within an arch.

January 1, - January 13, Love, Sask. The original Wilding definitives were eventually released in January, The last regular stamps of George VI came out in January 11, - January 16, 57 cents Home Children commemorative issued September 1, Toronto LPP inkjet on letter addressed to Toronto, October 21, 57 cents domestic letter rate 59 cents: French-speaking Canadians found it difficult to read the values postal clerks complained of the difficulty in distinguishing the denominations the Universal Postal Union UPU emphasized the necessity of having the denominations in arabic numeral The "Numeral" issue with words and numerals denoting denominations was released beginning June 17, The War Tax was removed on July 21, and re-imposed on July 1, The five new stamps, referred to as the "Revised Designs" were issued on November 19, Since Confederation, the Canadian post-office has established a number of auxiliary services, such as the issuance of money orders and postal notes and the establishment of post-office savings banks; and these also have undergone a spectacular development.

The "A" stamps were issued on December 29,with a value of 30 cents.

Canada Mail-Delivery Disruption Looms

Today, many letter carrier routes are motorized and they are responsible for delivering parcels, mail, clearing and transfers at retail postal outlets, and collection of mail from street letter boxes.

For instance, the definitives of the late s featured native wildlife for values up to 80 cents, and Canadian architecture for the dollar values, while those of the early s used berries for the lowest values, and fruit trees for the higher values, and continuing with architecture for the highest values.

Ordinary stamps paid the combined postage and the war tax rate. January 1, - February 14, "A" Stamp Canada Post anticipating it would increase the letter rate from 17 cents but unsure what the change would be printed stamps with the Letter "A" without denomination.

For the history of the post-office in British North Americasee W. Since then great advances have been made. The Wilding definitives replaced the previous "War Issue" stamps which had portrayed His Majesty in military uniforms.A Customer's Guide to Mailing.

January Introduction. Available from larger Post Offices or on Postal Explorer at Welcome to the U.S. Postal Service. For more than years our goal has been to serve all customers, and we will continue to connect people at home and abroad for generations to come.

Liberals to lay out Canada Post plan, won’t completely restore door-to-door service

Dec 14,  · The Canadian postal service recently announced plans to phase out home delivery over the next five years, replacing it with “community mail boxes” for the 5 million urban residents who still rely on door-to-door deliveries.

Canadians were divided over the news, with some arguing that it would.

Canada Post

The engine that would drive forward a post-war Canadian economy included house construction, the development of services (sewer, electricity, telephone lines), the sale of automobiles for commuters (and gasoline, of course), and the furnishing of every home with appliances and televisions (starting in the s).

Introduction of the Postal Code System in Canada Mechanization, Politics and Efficiency A Presentation to BNAPEX at North Bay ON by Nick Poppenk.

A32 Canada Only The following address format is used when the postal address delivery zone is included in the address. Use the standard two–character abbreviation for provinces and territories. A Canadian Forces Post Office (CFPO) is a military post office operated by the Canadian Forces Postal Service either domestically or overseas to provide postal services to personnel authorized to receive or mail Canadian Armed Forces Mail.

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An introduction to the economy of the canadian postal service
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