Class 5 oct 1 homework cover

Read at least 20 pages for a total of 80 this week add 80 to the page number you were on Monday. We also started talking about Latitude and Longitude.

We had a mini-lesson on September 11th since we will be gone tomorrow.

Read at least 20 pages in the book that you checked out for reading class. I collected the rough and final drafts- we will have more time in class tomorrow or Monday. Tuesday, September 11, Language Arts: Remember to cover your Social Studies textbook.

Fill out application for a library card and bring it back to school by Monday. There is a Quiz tomorrow! We discussed how to work in groups and completed an activity in groups.

Most brought theirs today! Took notes on pages in your notebook.

We are switching to a Science unit now! Wednesday, September 5, Farm trip is on Tuesday! This is due tomorrow at class time.

We finished our worksheet over latitude and longitude with a partner.

Please do that so your parents are informed. We took a quiz in class. Tuesday, August 28, Social Studies: Test is Thursday, September Read at least 20 pages. You may use colored pencils and draw on this page as well. If you did not have it done, it is late.

Some of you need to show your parents the notes about Language Arts class and have them respond.Homework for Wednesday, February 15, 1) Read BC book 40 minutes, get log signed 2) Reading Response-Find a non-fiction article or information (non-fiction text) that discusses your social issue.

Write about what you learned from the information and how it can help you understand the fiction book you are reading. (Class Activities, Homework) with this cover sheet on top.

Staple together in the upper left corner not clip (2 Take off POINTS) all of these pages with cover sheet on top. Class Activities (odd) Homework: Assignment not listed in the Class Activities List of Incomplete Exercises Homework Cover #1. Fall’’ Physics’ 89 •’Exam’(in’class)’Wednesday,’October’1.’ Covers’material’through’homework’5.’ Openbook.

Homework Cover Sheet CURRENT GRADES TEST BOOK HW LAB HW-My Math Lab QUIZZES-My Math Lab EXTRA CREDIT CLASS GRADE EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS (CHOOSE UP TO 5 BOXES, 1 POINT PER BOX) One hour spent in Math Lab doing homework Date/ Time/ Initial.

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home. Tuesday, September 11, We will continue to work on this tomorrow in class. Cover your textbook. There is a Quiz tomorrow! We reviewed everything that will be on the quiz- 4 types of maps and 5 main parts of a map.

Class 5 oct 1 homework cover
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