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After referral, the applicants are interviewed at the U.

We were first taken to turkey along with 5, other Kurdish families. Once approved as a refugee a health screening must be done to make sure the refugee s does not have any serious diseases. We stayed in Guam for four months until our processing was done than was to be resettled in Kansas City, Mo.

The United States knew my dad was on that list, so in favor of my dad helping them and placing his life in danger, they decided to have us resettle in the United States.

Once the health screening is cleared a sponsorship assurance Essay refugees life be chosen from a U. No refugee can resettle without going through a process.

After a month in Turkey we were taken to Guam an Island that it is a U. Could you imagine having to leave your life behind and migrate to another country, where you are expected to start a new one? In word was out that Saddam Hussain had a list of those who he considered an enemy of his.

Life as a Refugee

A few other issues they face is not Essay refugees life ripped off by the car dealer, if they can get a license or find a decent job that can pay for the bills because the only jobs they can find are minimum wage. She greeted us and made sure we were the Salih family and gestured us to follow her.

Our process to the U. Embassy or a special trained non-governmental organization and are first processed by RSC Resettlement Support Center. The resettlement agency will than take over, purchase traveling tickets and inform the new refugees of when they will be traveling.

Refugees only receive assistance for three months, after that they are on their own and must start where they can.

We knew we could trust her, but we also knew this was the beginning of our new life in the United States. I entered the United States as a refugee because my father was considered an enemy to the Iraqi government due to his involvement with the American government.

Its primary purpose it to safe guard the rights and well-being of refugees. The refugee kids become the accountant, the interpreter, and the scheduler of the family as they grow up.The difference between refugees and immigrants is significant.

Refugees migrate for reasons of safety or civil rights from their own country. They are usually in danger of losing their life. Humanities basic rights and simple safety are at risk.

Immigrants migrate because they choose to look for a. Refugee law is the branch of international law which deals with the rights and protection of refugees. It is related to, but distinct from, international human rights law and international humanitarian law, which deal respectively with human rights in general, and the conduct of war in particular.

Essay About Refugees. The Problems With Refugee Detention Camps Essay example. Words | 5 Pages. Refugees´ Rights to Life Essay. Words | 3 Pages. Introduction The term refugee has been used a lot lately on news and other media outlets.

As Americans when we hear or think about a refugee, we always think of others. Feb 03,  · Refugees Essay The Living Hell on Our Shores.

Essay About Refugees DRC Stimulus - Words. life of refugees. The book provides a universal message to its readers about the suffering of human beings during wars and their struggle to make a better life in a foreign country. The Happiest Refugee is about Anh Do and. Life as a Refugee It was a cold night in November of when my family and I finally, after five months of traveling country to country, /5(1).

Essay on Syrian refugees is a common example of war consequences.

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Essay refugees life
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