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In this situation there is an identification of the post purchase evaluation in regards to the holiday. Examples Products that involve extensive decision-making are usually unfamiliar to customers, expensive and infrequently bought. We were all motivated and excited about the whole idea of a holiday, which lead to our involvement in researching and contributing our past knowledge.

There may also have been a learning process whereby during the holiday there may be locations and cultural experiences that were unexpected. These factors vary depending on the consumer and hence identify why marketers need to provide various alternatives.

For example culture refers to beliefs, values and customs that serve to direct consumer behaviour of members of a particular society Schiffman et al, p. The consumer decision models provide conceptual frames of reference that logically indicate the interrelationship of variables for research purposes and also aim to give an understanding of what happens as variables and circumstances change Erasmus et al, A Cognitive View The cognitive model helps individuals to focus on the processes through which they can get information about selected brands.

The marketer should be able to determine needs and wants of the target segment and provide product and service offerings more effectively and efficiently than competitors. An improvement to this system could be that a deposit is paid firstly, with a policy that allows for regular instalments to be paid later on.

STA had understood that exposure to advertising in their travel destination brochures is a basic requirement for them to reach their consumers and potentially change their knowledge, attitudes or behaviour.

We believe that our model failed to realise the situational influences which we found to play a major role in our decision making process, in regards to both the travel agent chosen and the airline choice. Vacation Destination Figure 2.

Consumer Behavior - Decision Making

Having a high education level and living in urban environments, according to Evans, Moutinhou and Van Raaij lead to expectations of us being able and willing to process more information, experience less information overload, and use more complex decision rules.

Whereas over the internet it was not clear what you were receiving, and there was no one to ask questions to. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Here the consumers have not narrowed the number of brands from which they would like to consider and so their decision making efforts can be classified as extensive problem solving.

Extensive decision-making process – consumer behaviour Essay Sample

However, they have not fully set the established preferences and they search for additional information to discriminate among other products or brands.

The choice of travel agent as STA was seen to be a low involvement process due to loyalty towards this travel agency, but every experience with this travel agency will not be generic. Hence, if we could not have afforded the price increase, our final holiday destination may have been altered.

Hence, our holiday to Vanuatu can be classified as being in this category due to its high costs and extensive search conducted for various information regarding airlines and accommodation.

This card would be valid in many different countries allowing us to access over 36, discounts worldwide, it would be valid from one year of the date of travel STA Travel, What our model failed to analyse were the situational influences; 2.

For example, in the case of the Vanuatu Holiday, the expected prices of airfares actually rose due to the natural and political disasters of Bali.

Also at Harvey World Travel, antecedent states such as the current mood we were in also impacted on our overall purchase decision Quester et al, Customers with more disposable income, on the other hand, may only reserve extensive decision-making for such things as exotic vacations or luxury goods.

As we are students, we were seen to be price conscious travellers on a tighter budget than families when it came to travel insurance. In some situations, they may want to collect a small amount of additional information, while in others they may simply review what they are aware about.

For example, when planning the Vanuatu trip we all knew of a few airlines that flew to our destination Refer Appendix 4this is known as our evoked set, as they were the brands that instantly came to mind when thinking of airline choices Poulos, In the framework of cognitive view, the consumer very actively searches for such products or services that can fulfill all their requirements.

Transactions can be made online, through credit, cash etc. In the case of our holiday to Vanuatu, the external sources consulted included travel agents to obtain different quotes, the internet, travel books, travel expos and brochures about the destination. Next Page An understanding of consumer behavior is necessary for the long-term success and survival of a firm.

Due to the nature of this purchase, the focus is on post purchase evaluation, loyalty and product dissonance. Similarly, if the experience was not enjoyable, then perhaps the decision-making process may begin again in the search for more suitable experiences.

As the amount of information we obtained increased, uncertainty was reduced as well as the perceived risk Furukawa et al, CHAPTER 3 CONSUMER DECISION MAKING Objectives: buying decision Extensive decision making Limited decision making Routine response POST-PURCHASE BEHAVIOR •Is the process where consumers take further action after purchase based on their satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

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3. extensive decision making. -changing behavior through experience/ practice process that creates changes in behaviors either immediate or expected through experience and practice. Important to note is that Chapter 3 will focus on theoretical findings on the consumer decision-making process.

The influence of the Internet on the consumer decision-making process, with specific reference to the influence on different stages of the process, will be discussed in Chapter 4. "Extensive decision-making" is a term used in marketing to describe a highly involved consumer decision regarding whether or not to purchase a product.

Highly involved decisions generally revolve around purchases that may be expensive and out of the ordinary for a consumer.

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Extensive decision-making process - consumer behaviour: analyse the many elements of EKB's consumer decision model in relation to consumer behaviour.

Essay by kam-shaft, College, Undergraduate, A, May /5(2). Jun 16,  · Extensive decision making process consumer behaviour analyse marketing strategy has a great impact on the firms success.

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Extensive decision making process consumer behaviour analy
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