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The preparations are enormous and more is Horrors of wars essay behind. Man still remembers the catastrophic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the twinkling of an eye. Unlike yesteryears, wars are more violent and shed more blood of innocent people. Invading armies target women and children, the sick and the old.

We need not anticipate the horrors of the next world war if it comes. With the making of the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb and innumerable other destructive explosive things including nuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction WMDthe destructive power of the war machinery has assumed unimaginable proportions.

Terrorism can be curbed by exposing the secret designs of some countries for others territories and by international efforts these nations can be singled out very easily so that they stop interference in other matter and learn to live peacefully and let other also live in peace. The process began in the nineteenth century.

In the process of satisfying their ago, the victorious nations destroyed craft, natural wealth and the pool of talented Horrors of wars essay of the defeated.

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There is the nuclear weaponry of several kinds such as- rockets, missiles, and sub-marines, venomous chemical and bacterial armaments.

The most distressing condition is that of women who lose husbands and children who lose their fathers War is the result of greed, lust for power and chauvinism.

During the last world war thousands of Jews had to flee Germany. Prisoners are tortured and killed at will. This can make our world war-free. So, effective steps must be taken to banish war altogether. The other vital cause for their military hardware which they are manufacturing in their factories and if there is peace and issues between nations are settled for good, they will have to close their production of sophisticated arms and their supremacy over the world will be no more which they will never like.

It has now become an instrument of total destruction of a civilization. After the Vietnam War there has been terrible Gulf War. Modern wars have become far more horrible. The humanity is becoming a single entity as a result of efficient communication system as such the developments at a place are having influenced worldwide, and any effort to avoid a strife can be effective on people to people level.

The religious fanatics fought wars to prove their upper hand as they thought that the principles and thoughts for which they fought would from then onwards be universally accepted. Millions of children become orphans.

But slowly three main factors-namely wealth, women and property became the main causes of war. By now the horrors of war seem to have reached their peak. Quite possibly it will mean just one big horror. Yeatsmen battle with each other like weasels in a ditch.

All these consequences of war were there and yet the wars were less horrible than modern wars.

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At best, a war may decide one issue, which party or participant is militarily stronger and capable of causing more destruction that ever. Following the Vietnam War there has been the dreadful Gulf War.

The bombs and missiles do not spare even the hospitals and spiritual places.

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For the time being we shall confine our glance other horrors with which the two world wars have made us familiar. Man should learn how to live in peace with his neighbors. The task of making a list of all the horrors of war will be enormous.

Then the horrors of war are widespread. The advanced countries should let the weaker and developing nations grow naturally and provide them all possible help and aid. Such conquests meant more jobs for the unemployed and prosperity to the winning side.

They leave behind unimaginable unhappiness and tears. The economic structure of the world is upset.

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This was done in order to curb any resistance that might be there amongst the local people. No one is interested in digging out the old graves. Just as epidemics like flu, travel all over the world these days, the disease and misery brought about by war also embraced the whole world.

In olden times, wars were fought with bows and arrows and clubs and spears.Words Essay on Horrors of War. Article shared by. Anger, jealousy and frustration have enslaved all of us.

It ends in a war, in case it involves nations. Wars have always been fought since times immemorial. In the olden days, the reasons of one city going to war with another, were, usually, the cattle or land.

words essay on. The modern century has witnessed two great world wars. Man still remembers the catastrophic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the twinkling of an eye. Feb 12,  · This is a discussion on CLASS 10 - ESSAY:Horrors of war within the 10th forums, part of the Classes category; Horrors of war: Wars have always been horrible.

They have always meant death and destruction and disease. The Horrors of War Essay No. 01 With the development of science a d technology, the modern man is facing a great threat of an impending war killarney10mile.com the states are spending enormously for war preparedness to make them capable of facing a.

Essay The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War. was one of the most tragic battles fought during World War I. The amount of life lost on both sides was tremendous and historians everywhere agree that this battle was one of the bloodiest battles fought.

The Horrors of War: a Comparison Essay dead have seen the end of war " -Plato The world has turned a blind eye to the wars that are occurring at this very moment, while subconsciously knowing how vile and pestilent these wars are.

Horrors of wars essay
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