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They are dangerous exponents of their policy of religion, if they are unable to give satisfactory reasons for their adoption. It is very important for the people to understand that thing, which they have taken the opinion of the others and it is also very helpful for that people after consulting with others.

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The patriot person must feel that it is his duty to consider for himself without prejudice what state policy he should support. They act impulsively, being governed and guided by their emotions.

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We decided to go to the emergency room, where I discovered that I had broken my ankle. Why it is significant It is more significant for the people to understand that thing, which you are going to take a decision because one wrong decision can make the life difficult.

They are dangerous exponents of their policy of religion if they are unable to give satisfactory reasons for their adoption.

They weigh all the pros and cons, the good and the bad, the positive and the negatives before arriving at a solid and workable decision. For those who have a decided bent there little or no difficulty, except that they should consult their Parents and friends in order that they may know what kind of market there will be for their work.

But rarely, some business person gets some loss and no one in business would think of lending money without security to a sharper he knew nothing about, and They should always enquire to that person, who came for join the work at the management work, so it is important to take a previous inquiry of the new staff.

That way I could get away from Lance and I would not lose the water fight. I just sat there and watched television for awhile. For instance, the great conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte took a rash decision of attacking Russia without realizing or taking into consideration the fierce and terrible whiter conditions of the country.

The fishy, temporary charms, the transient things of this world which are like serpents under a rose, attract the unwise and the foolish. It is very important for that person, who are making all decision without understanding anything, so they have to be a more intelligent for themselves because there are number of people are ready for taking the advantage of that type of people.

We have all at one time made decisions that we wish we never did. You may join me on Facebook Related Post. Some decisions in life cannot be unmade once made. How feeble must be the intelligence of the man who accepts ready-made opinions on politics, religion or philosophy!

Choosing the best foods will help us live healthy life. They do not plunge heedlessly into doing things. I shouted "Missed me! There is some principle applies to all departments of thought.

Wise business decisions on the other hand puts us on a winning or profitable side. Everything we do as human beings must go through a rigorous check first. They devote a good amount as well as good quality of time and energy to take the right decision and even to mend mistakes or make things right.Look before you leap, sums up the wisdom born out of experience.

In ordinary situations the proverb holds.

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But there are moment’s crises or emergency when boldness or even rashness may be preferable cool calculation. Paragraph on “Look Before You Leap” Meaning: The meaning of the proverb “Look Before You Leap” is given below in points: • Before you do anything, consider the possible consequences.

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While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. Look before you leap Meaning. The Look before you leap is the very old idiom, which means, to act that time, when you are probably for lead because without thinking of anything can be unfavorable.

Look Before You Leap: Similarities between Victor Frankenstein and Albert Einstein. Look Before You Leap Frankenstein is not a literary island, isolated and alone. It is connected to a great many literary works by some common themes. One such theme is .

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