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They call themselves "Rocket Boys" and call the place where they are launching their rockets "Cape Coalwood", in honor of Cape Canaveral. Here you see the battle between the father and son played out in front of the whole town.

The story continues with the Rocket Boys finishing their cape and putting up notices of their launches. The school curriculum has changed due to Sputnik with hours of homework every night.

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Cast and Crew recalled the major weather shifts and tornadoes in the area during the filming months but Joe Johnston claims, "ultimately, the movie looks great because of it.

Me and my friends now take your story as our guidelines towards life and hope you realize that you made a difference. He understandably wants his son to follow in his footsteps, and one of the best elements of the movie is in breaking free, he is respecting his father.

The train used in the scene was the former Southern Railway relettered as Norfolk and Western Coalwood An introduction to the town of Coalwood, this chapter begins by explaining that the town of Coalwood was at war with itself.

October Sky Letter Essay Sample

While Sonny spends most of his time infatuated with her, although she still spends time with him, Dorothy only wants a friend relationship and goes out with other boys. The Football Fathers With an undefeated season, the high school football team of Big Creek is forced out of the state championship.

Roy Lee also knows the moonshiner in town, John Eye, who provides the boys with the alcohol needed for their special propellant they call Zincoshine. Even though you have probably received loads of letters and mine might not be different in any way I hope you have at least had the time to reflect upon your years when you were a member of the Coalwood community and reflect on what October sky letter have achieved as it has not only changed yourself but it has also changed our perspective of looking at our dreams and realizing that they may become true one day but not only our perspective of looking at our dreams but also the way we view our life from now on and I hope that whenever you look at yourself in the mirror you look at yourself in a good way and our eternal gratitude will be your as it was you and your friends who helped us realize that we are able to pursue our dreams and look at ourselves with a higher respect of self-esteem and acknowledgment.

She is convinced that it has killed her husband who has a black spot on his lung and will not allow it to kill her son. There are no winners or losers when sons go their separate ways.

This seems to come to a conclusion at the church. Everyone else in her family perished. He flew planes in the war and now spends his time with alcohol and women. In addition to this, Sonny is trying to learn calculus and other math in order to be able to launch his rockets better.

He is always scheming of ways of making money, from the failed iron scrap attempt—which took an entire summer, yielded a net loss of one dollar, not counting the destruction of borrowed equipment and almost killing Sonny—to the profitable harvesting of ginseng.

They employ several fuel mixtures including rocket candy and a mixture called "zincoshine", which is composed of zinc dust and sulfur, along with alcohol from moonshinesupplied by a local bootleggeras a binder for the mixture. Miss Riley is his chemistry teacher who one day shows them a chemical reaction they believe would be a good rocket fuel.

Jake is a mining engineer. This an allusion to the great aukwhich is a flightless seabird that became extinct in the midth century. He is 8 years old at the beginning of the story but is in high school for most of the book, and he serves as the leader of the Rocket Boys.

It is fueled by flash powder from old cherry bombs. Sonny feels uncomfortable changing in front of her and, sensing the hesitation, she replies, "Oh, come on. One is held in West Virginia where the real life events that the book and film took place, and the other is in Tennessee where the movie was actually shot.

Valentine Carmina is an older girl who likes Sonny. He would build a real rocket and convince his father that he was smart enough for college.

Sherman Siers has a weakened left leg as a result of polio, but does not let it slow him down. He is later killed in a mine collapse while operating a loader. Chapter Summaries for "October Sky" written by:October Sky Letter Essay Sample.

My name is Sonny and I am 18 years old, I am from Coalwood as well so we have something in common, you see now in. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. October Sky is a movie about how a hillbilly accomplished his dream of building rockets and got out from the falling mining hometown named killarney10mile.com Hickam, the main character of the movie, would never succeed in his rocket dream without the extraordinary inspiration and encouragement from Miss Riley.

October Sky is a American biographical drama film directed by Joe Johnston, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper, Chris Owen, and Laura Dern. October Sky (the title on the mass market movie tie-in version of the best-selling Rocket Boys) is the first memoir in a series of four, by Homer Hickam Jr.

It is a story of growing up in a mining town, and a boy's pursuit of amateur rocketry in a coal mining town. A very rich book, "October Sky" has a lot happening in each chapter, which can make it a bit difficult to locate a specific event or idea. These chapter summaries of "October Sky" will cover each chapter separately, making it easy to locate specific major events in the story, and establishing a timeline by which to locate smaller events as well.

October sky letter
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