Should teens be excuted for murder

She gets shocked seeing him. Veer gets angry and kicks the table. Roop asks Jhanvi to explain Tej. He says Veer is not found. Ishqbaaz 2nd April Written Episode Update: Om asks him to come, lets play games all night.

Pinky says if he married Soumya, we would have made him do this. Roop looks on and thinks Shivaye you might have defeated my son, but this house will be ruined, neither this family nor your relation will survive. He asks who did it. Veer asks what, you had torched the mill, but everyone thinks Oberois did this.

Rudra says if mu dikhai rasam is done, I m feeling sleepy, can I go and sleep.

Om asks why are you so impatient. Shakti says if anyone knows this, we can go home. Om says we will come to drop you. Rudra says I know the way, I m living in this house since childhood.

She says your mum is also an Oberoi, I was present there when mills caught fire, I also know the person who torched the mills. Rudra asks Om to leave you.

Tej says I will arrange your stay in Dehradun and send you money every month. Pinky says baby has high fever, I will take him to hospital. She throws his phone and says Veer has become my Sautan, see my fate, can we forget everything and spend some moments together.

Jhanvi asks Bhavya to come in. Shivaye goes after her and hugs. He thinks who was the foreman. He says not few moments, but entire life. Tej says we can start new business with insurance money, think.

He says I also want this, but its tough. He reads… Kalyani mills foreman arrested, witness or criminal.

Bhavya hits kalash and comes in. Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky scold Roop for having a child before marriage.

Shivaye says come with me. Roop says I will tell you everything today. Om says Rudra is right, Bhavya kick Rudra and come in. Shivaye says you make him understand. She says the mistake of being in love, you were the result of it.Weblio専門用語対訳辞書はプログラムで機械的に意味や英語表現を生成しているため、不適切な項目が含まれていることも.

Ishqbaaz 2nd April Written Episode, Written Update on Jhanvi does Rudra and Bhavya’s aarti. Pinky asks Bhavya to topple the kalash and come in. Rudra says we should try something new.

Should teens be excuted for murder
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