The comparison between economic activities by

Key Differences Between Economic and Non-Economic Activities The difference between economic and non-economic activities can be drawn clearly on the following grounds: Economic activities may take place between employers and employees or between producers and consumers.

Various activities involved in the product marketing involves analysis of the market, identification of consumer demand, designing and development of product, pricing, pitching of a new product, communicating, advertising, positioning, distributing, selling, review and feedback.

The Vietnam joint venture company partly foreign- owned LLC The required details and services needed to set up a Vietnam joint venture company are like foreign- owned LLCs, but are more complex in some cases, such as that it is taking more time and effort to build the right relationship with the partner.

Business activities are classified under KBLI codes. The Vietnam limited liability company wholly foreign- owned LLC Emerhub provides full services for foreigners wishing to set up these companies. As against this, non-economic activities have an idealistic approach wherein more importance is given to human values instead of money.

In contrast to Indonesia, to set up a representative office and a branch office in Vietnam, a parent company must have had conducted business in its home country for at least 1 year and at least 5 years for a branch office.

What's the Difference Between a Market Economy and a Command Economy?

The money earned from such activities is used to satisfy various needs. They are intangible, so it is difficult to promote services. It can be owned and resold to another party. In product marketing, the product can be separated from its producer, and so they are durable and can be inventoried.

Demonstration of product or service is one of the best ways to promote it. The restricted activities of a foreign representative office in Indonesia or a representative office and a branch office in Vietnam are quite similar.

The profession is related to the services provided by profession for monetary compensation called fee. Non-economic activities may be social, cultural, religious or recreational.

Unlike service marketing, where customers come to the services or the service provider visit customer because services cannot be transported, they are location based. However, it is impossible in the case of services, because once the services are delivered, they cannot be taken back.

A service is an act of performing something for someone in exchange for adequate consideration. Governments play a minor role in the direction of economic activity. Command Economy - Central Direction Under a command economy, governments own all of the factors of production such as land, capital, and resources, and government officials determine when, where and how much is produced at any one time.

The same activity can be economic and non-economic at the same time, you can understand this with an example, Suppose a father is taking his child to school by Van, this is a non-economic activity, as he drops his son out of affection and care, but if there are five other children apart from his son going in the Van who pays money for conveyance to him, then that is an economic activity, as the person is getting money for that service.

Corporate Income tax rates in Indonesia and in Vietnam are levied in a following table. Individuals and businesses own the resources and are free to exchange and contract with each other without decree from government authority.

Economic activities are classified as business, profession and employment.

Difference Between Economic and Non-Economic Activities

It is neither owned nor transferred to another party. However, with the former, there are some advantages such as tangibility, separability, durability, transferability, etc. After you have met with the minimum payment required, we will assist you with the following required documents, in order to obtain your Principal License.

We will make sure that your business may have strong potential growth and remained firm in the market. Employment refers to an occupation in which a person works for another person for salary or wages.

Every person does some kind of work so that he is able to earn his living. Economic activities are performed for economic motive, i.

The activity in a market economy is unplanned; it is not organized by any central authority but is determined by the supply and demand of goods and services. Foreigners Investing as an Unincorporated Entity in Indonesia or in Vietnam A representative office and a branch office can be established depending upon the line of business.

The following unified progressive tax rates are applicable to Indonesian or Vietnamese or foreign nationals in within each country.

It may be in the old age that one may stop working. It includes all those activities which are performed for the satisfaction of human sentiments that can be social, religious, cultural, personal, recreational, charity, patriotic.

Non-economic activities may be among members of a family, social worker and those being served etc. It includes both business-to-business B2B and business-to-consumer B2C marketing.

China, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union are all examples of command economies. These activities form a basis for the economic development of the country as it adds value to the gross domestic product. John Maynard Keynesan English economist, believed that pure market economies were unable to effectively respond to major recessions and instead advocated for major government intervention to regulate business cycles.

Service cannot be separated from its provider. An activity performed gladly, with the aim of providing services without any regard to monetary gain is known as the non-economic activity.COLONIZATION AND SETTLEMENT (–) English, French, and Spanish Colonies: A Comparison © Media Projects Incorporated Published by Facts on File Inc.

Economic activities may take place between employers and employees or between producers and consumers. Non-economic activities may be among members of a family, social worker and those being served etc.

Economic Growth is a narrower concept than economic is an increase in a country's real level of national output which can be caused by an increase in the quality of resources (by education etc.), increase in the quantity of resources & improvements in technology or in another way an.

Although from onward Singapore has concentrated more into developing its service industry.4 THE COMPARISON BETWEEN ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES (BY SECTORS) BETWEEN SINGAPORE AND PORTUGAL AND ITS REASONS.1/5(1).

Comparing Economic Systems Ask students to take a few minutes to read over the comparison of characteristics of each type of economy on the Economics handout. Discuss the similarities and differences between the various types of economic systems. Also, ask students to think about some of the advantages.

The economy is the production and consumption activities that determine how scarce resources are allocated in an area. Insights Explaining The World Through Macroeconomic Analysis.

The comparison between economic activities by
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