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‘Unusual Event’: Can Hurricane Flooding Cause a Fukushima Disaster in NC?

Unusual events such as earthquakes and extreme behavior in the stock market can have large effects, so are important to consider. Drone footage shows devastation from the air Drone footage over North Carolina puts the massive flooding of Hurricane Florence in perspective.

For this purpose, it would be much more helpful to know the highest temperature you might encounter, or how many days you can expect to be above a certain temperature. S is all possible pairs: If two medications for lowering blood pressure have been compared in a well-designed, carefully carried out randomized clinical trial, and the average drop in blood pressure for Drug A is more than that for Drug B, we cannot conclude just from this information alone that Drug A is better than Drug B.

Ledford told Fox Unusual event that both units still have offsite power, and that essential plant employees and NRC inspectors remain on site, though storm damage is "limiting access to the site by personal vehicles. Is that unusual enough? These plants generally reside near a body of water because they require a constant water source for cooling purposes.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission, there are 12 nuclear plants in the Carolinas that make electricity for the region. Or it might be the case that for some patients, Drug A actually increases blood pressure.

Example 4 Suppose we give a survey to 52 Basic Algebra students, asking them to rate various statements from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. In this example, jurors need to be sure "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the defendant is guilty.

We also need to consider the incidence of undesirable side effects. A spokesperson from Duke Energy told Fox News that the company has brought in additional supplies by aircraft using a helipad on the site.

One example might be the jury in a capital case, punishable by death. Theory and Practice, edited by M. At least 17 people have died in North Carolina from Florence.

Section 1: Probability Rules

Geller, eds Gumbel, E. Traffic safety interventions typically are aimed at high speed situations. The key for this method is to assume that all outcomes are equally likely. Roy Cooper, who added the "crisis continues" in the state.

For extreme events, references include: Successful here is earning a C or better.

North Carolina nuclear power plant declares “unusual event” following storm, “hot shutdown”

So the average speed is not as useful as, say, the 85th percentile of speed. Pregnancy interventions are often aimed at reducing the incidence of low birth weight babies.

Many techniques have been developed for studying unusual events; however, these techniques are not usually mentioned in introductory courses in statistics.As far as humans are concerned, there is a fun event featuring the largest gathering of twins in the world.

See below for more about the main 10 unusual events in the US. River Walk Mud Festival. Unusual Events If the research question being studied involves unusual events, the mean or median is not adequate as a summary statistic. Examples. The Brunswick Nuclear Plant in NC is only 4 miles inland.

It was shut down in anticipation of Hurricane Florence’s arrival only to have a hazardous “unusual event” reported by the NRC 2 days later. Unusual event trends in Australia Trend 1: Events for the young at heart While the demand for kid-friendly events is on the rise in Australia, there’s also a new wave of events catering exclusively to the “young at heart.”.

If they decide to convict if they're 95% sure, this means that the "unusual" event that they're wrong has a probability of 5%. If you're that defendant, that's definitely not "unusual" enough! On the other hand, suppose we're.

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Unusual event
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