Write a brief history about nigerias flag

Nigeria is still very much a tribal society The government alleged in early that military officers and civilians were engaged in a coup plot. Although Abacha was initially welcomed by many Nigerians, disenchantment grew rapidly. After a secret tribunal most of the accused were convicted and several death sentences were handed down.

The Write a brief history about nigerias flag delta is a vast low-lying region through which the waters of the Niger River drain into the Gulf of Guinea.

The destruction of Songhai left Borno uncontested and until the 18th century Borno dominated northern Nigeria. Nigerian relations with the US, cool during the war, are improving, but France may be seen as the future patron.

The troops are poorly trained and disciplined and some of the officers are turning to conspiracies and plotting. However, the subsequent massacre of thousands of Ibo in the north prompted hundreds of thousands of them to return to the south-east where increasingly strong Igbo secessionist sentiment emerged.

The picture below shows what Akinwumi came up with before the alterations. Section five of the law states that any person who exhibits or flies the flag in a bad or defaced condition will be guilty of a certain offence against the ordinance. Prehistoric inhabitants adjusting to the encroaching desert were widely scattered by the third millennium BC, when the desiccation of the Sahara began.

However, Nigerians saw this as undeserving of a man who made such an outstanding contribution to the Nation. On 1 JanuaryNigeria became a British protectorate, part of the British Empirethe foremost world power at the time.

The flag is not only a national symbol but also the instrument of state power and the symbol of authority. In a move towards greater autonomy to minority ethnic groups the military divided the four regions into 12 states. The monarch of Nigeria was still head of state but legislative power was vested in a bicameral parliament, executive power in a prime minister and cabinet, and judicial authority in a Federal Supreme Court.

Land Nigeria is bordered to the north by Nigerto the east by Chad and Cameroonto the south by the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Oceanand to the west by Benin.

On 1 Octoberthe colony became the autonomous Federation of Nigeria. All announced candidates were disqualified from standing for president once a new election format was selected. In early a constituent assembly completed a constitution and in the spring of political activity was again permitted.

Soils Soils in Nigeria, and in Africa generally, are usually of a poorer quality than those in other regions of the world. As part of a month economic emergency plan he announced pay cuts for the military, police, civil servants and the private sector. It had a red field in proportion 1: Large freshwater swamps give way to brackish mangrove thickets near the seacoast.

By these same routes, Islam made its way south into West Africa after the 9th century. Upon independence, it was widely expected that Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of Sokoto, the undisputed strong man in Nigeria [24] who controlled the North, would become Prime Minister of the new Federation Government.

The country became independent on October 1,and in adopted a republican constitution but elected to stay a member of the Commonwealth. The chiefs of Akwa Akpa placed themselves under British protection in The characteristic landforms of the plateaus are high plains with broad, shallow valleys dotted with numerous hills or isolated mountains, called inselbergs; the underlying rocks are crystalline, although sandstones appear in river areas.

As a consequence Borno lost many northern territories to the Tuareg whose mobility allowed them to endure the famine more effectively. Although these soils can readily be leached and lose their fertility, they are the most productive agriculturally. Old, worn-out and dirty flags are not supposed to be displayed publicly as this is seen as disrespect to the country.

The military Provisional Ruling Council PRC under Abubakar commuted the sentences of those accused in the alleged coup during the Abacha regime and released almost all known civilian political detainees.A Brief History of Old Glory On January 1,the Continental Army was reorganized in accordance with a Congressional resolution, which placed American forces under George Washington's control.

Nigeria: Our History, Our Flag...

On that New Year's Day the Continental Army was laying siege to Boston, which had been taken over by the British Army. A Brief History of the American Flag. Learn about our flag, its fascinating beginnings, and its symbolism in this brief history of our most enduring symbols.

Nigerian Flag – History, Who Designed it? Colors, Meaning, Facts

Nigeria: Geographical and in such areas in northern Nigeria, for example, preferred to write poetry and chronicles in Arabic while using their mother tongue for more popular forms of literature flag history. In flag of Nigeria; national marketing boards. In commodity trade: Action in individual countries.

The flag of Nigeria was designed in and first officially hoisted on 1 October The flag has three vertical bands of green, white, green. The two green stripes represent Nigeria’s natural wealth, while the white band represents peace. Design. The flag is an adaptation of the.

A Short History of Nigeria - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. A Short History of Nigeria/5(2).

A Brief History of the American Flag

Nigeria: Our History, Our Flag A Brief Historical Background of the National Flag of Nigeria The national flag was actually designed in the year by Mr.

Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, who was then a student studying in London. His ensign of the national flag was adjudged as the best among the other entries for prestigious National Flag Design.

Write a brief history about nigerias flag
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